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  • Læs mere International Business Management (engelsksproget) CBS, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • OBS: I dette praktiktilbud vil du møde uddannelserne:
    • Business Administration and Digital Management
    • Business Administration and Service Management
    • Business Administration and Sociology
    • Business, Language and Culture
    • Europæisk business, HA

    International Business Management 

    Please note that this studiepraktik event will be conducted entirely in English.

    Businesses that operate internationally need to know all the same things that purely national companies do – and on top of that, they need to be able to tackle the specific challenges of operating across national, economic and cultural borders. This applies equally to larger, established international players as to smaller Danish companies who are embarking on export or other international ventures for the first time. The challenges are many: e.g. understanding particular industries in a global context, understanding export strategies and local markets, tackling language and culture barriers with regards to both customers and employees, understanding the economics of globalisation and the impact of social and political changes. To take just one example, think of the many different aspects of business life that could be heavily impacted by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. General economic conditions, business finance, conditions in particular industries or markets as well as shifts in cultural and social attitudes are all areas where the “Brexit” may create a new reality to which companies need to adapt.

    Internationally oriented companies need people with a wide range of specialised skills to handle all these challenges – both the general understanding of internationalisation and specific tools aimed at specific tasks. In much the same way, the study programmes at CBS are very different and we work with international business in many ways. The studiepraktik event in ”International Business Management” will introduce you not to one but several study programmes which deal with the complexities of developing and managing both small and large businesses in an international setting from a broad range of perspectives – programmes such as:

    • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
    • HA i europæisk business
    • BSc in Business, Language and Culture
    • BSc in Business Administration and Sociology
    • BSc in Digital Management


    The event covers two days where your experiences will include:

    • Being in a special course of a couple of lectures where you will work with ”International Business Management” from different perspectives. You will read 20-30 pages of text before each lecture – and we expect you to participate actively during the classes.
    • Meeting CBS students and talking with them about the programmes, the study environment and student life in general
    • Getting an understanding of CBS and the programme options – and meeting student guidance counsellor who can help you with all your questions

     The programme is temporarily. Changes may occur. 

    Further Information

    You can learn more about the programmes and CBS at www.cbs.dk. 

    Practical Information

    The studiepraktik event takes places Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October at: 

    Copenhagen Business School
    Solbjerg Plads 3
    2000 Frederiksberg 

    CBS regrettably cannot assist in matters concerning transportation, lodging or food and drink during the event. Participants will have to finance all personal expenses themselves.

    onsdag-torsdag i uge 43, 2018
    150 (lukket) - ingen ledige pladser
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